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Starting Your Subscription

You can subscribe at any point using the link in the top banner.

Subscribe link in the top banner

Alternatively, you can subscribe from the Account page, available from a dropdown in the profile icon in the app header bar.

Profile icon dropdown in the header bar
Subscribe button in the Account page

Choosing a Subscription Plan

PeakSERP offers plans in increments of 75 daily credits, where 1 credit = 1 tracked keyword. When picking a plan, you need to consider two questions:

  • How many keywords do you need to track?
  • How frequently do you want keyword updates?

We recommend tracking 1 keyword for each page you intend to rank organically. Most of our users choose to track their keywords daily, which is a good default for small-to-medium sites. For larger sites, you may opt for weekly or even monthly updates to decrease costs.

The table below gives examples of how many keywords you can track with each plan for daily, weekly, and monthly update frequencies.

Subscription PlanDaily Updates
(Most common)
Weekly UpdatesMonthly Updates
75 per day75 keywords525 keywords2,250 keywords
300 per day300 keywords2,100 keywords9,000 keywords
600 per day600 keywords4,200 keywords18,000 keywords
900 per day900 keywords6,300 keywords27,000 keywords
1200 per day1,200 keywords8,400 keywords36,000 keywords
The number of keywords you can track with each plan for daily, weekly, and monthly ranking updates

Changing Your Subscription Plan

You can change your subscription at any time from the Account page.

  1. Click the Change subscription plan link.
  1. Select your new plan using the slider and click the Change Plan button. Then confirm the changes.

Your plan will change immediately. Your next bill have have a prorated charge to account for the price difference between your old and new plans.

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