Unleash Your Website’s Ranking Potential

Get crucial insights during Google Search updates, pinpoint high-impact ranking opportunities, and spy on top competitors—all in a user-friendly interface.

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Websites Analyzed
Keywords Tracked
Rank Tracking KPIs in PeakSERP's interface

Follow your site’s progress with our simple metrics

PeakSERP distills your site’s organic rankings into core KPIs. No more wasting time digging through ranking data.

If something goes wrong (or right!) you’ll know immediately.

Fast, accurate tracking personalized to your needs

Tracking data automatically refreshes on the schedule of your choosing.

Follow only the rankings that matter, no matter where your audience is, what language they speak, or what device they find you on.

The context you need for rapid diagnosis and action

Search traffic metrics are convoluted with seasonality, holidays, niche events, and other complications.

That’s why we focus on rankings, not traffic. Then, our app adds search update dates, keyword volume, and other context needed to understand what changed and focus your efforts for the biggest, fastest impact.

Get started in under 4 minutes

Manually entering keywords is so 2022. Just tell us your domain, and we’ll suggest keywords based on your URLs.

Former SerpRobot users have it even easier. We’ll copy over all your keywords including historical data. No extra charge!

The 3 steps to getting a keyword list from your domain

The most affordable SEO tool ever!

$5 per month 75 Keywords tracked daily

Every PeakSERP feature is included in our base rate.

  • 7-Day free trial
  • Unlimited projects
  • Historic SerpRobot data import
  • Generate keywords from domain
  • Adjustable update frequency
  • Desktop or mobile rankings
  • 100+ Search languages
  • 400+ Search regions
  • 3-Year data retention
  • Custom keyword tags

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